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  • IP camera with lighting ring
  • 1 call button


  • IP camera with lighting ring
  • Up to 3 call buttons
  • Optional card reader manages up to 200 cards
  • Integrated, adjustable motion detector

MYINTERCOM ONE with Access control

  • IP camera with lighting ring
  • 1 call button
  • Optional access control: Fingerprint, card reader or code lock


- Illuminated label areas (up to 3 label areas available) - PoE ready (IEEE 802.3af) Alternative power supply by 48V DC - Provision of door opener voltage for universal door opener (6-12V DC/AC). This is controlled in parallel to the door opener relay via App. - Triggering of the sabotage contact when the housing is opened - Possibility of connecting a door release button provided by the customer - Potential-free relay (max. 60VDC / 50VAC, 60W / 62.5VA, 2A) for opening the door by app and switching a door bell - Optional safety relay for shifting the relay and the door opener voltage to the indoor area


The following minimum requirements must be met to use myintercom door intercom stations:
- Free network port on your switch / router
- Wi-Fi
- DHCP server providing an IP address, a subnet mask, a gateway and a DNS server (standard)
- Option: In case you want to use your door intercom remotely, i.e. not from within your local Wi-Fi-network but on the go via the internet, you need: A broadband internet connection (without proxy / SOCKS server) from your provider, e.g. DSL 2000 or faster.
- An unlimited data plan is recommended.
- Your door intercom needs to establish a direct connection to the internet (without proxy / SOCKS server).
- The myintercom app from the Apple AppStore or from Google Play
- iOS 10 and activated Apple-ID to download the app free of charge
- Android 6 and activated Google Play account to download the app free of charge
- When using Ethernet for connection: PoE (IEEE or later) supplied Cat5 Ethernet cable


Optics - ¼" CMOS sensor - Focal length 2.9 mm, F2.0 - Horizontal angle of view 84° - Vertical angle of view 48° - Illumination 1.2 – 100000 lux, F2.0, 0 lux with LED switched on - Shutter speed 1/24500s to 1/6s Video - Motion JPEG, H.264 compression - HDTV image sensor made by Axis Communications - Proprietary video transmission to the myintercom app - Resolution, frame rate and quality are dynamically adjusted to the network connection

Network - 100MBit Ethernet - IP address assignment static or via DHCP
- user administration


Via PoE
You may use this option with any PoE ready router or switch or with a PoE injector (according to IEEE 802.3af-2003).

myintercom is a joint project of Telecom Behnke GmbH and 1000eyes GmbH